In the event of a loss, Jaimac will provide advice and support with respect to debt recovery and will help maximize and maintain the claim’s eligibility.

We provide advice and assistance to our clients at every stage of the insurance claim and recovery process


Policy Insight

We are policy experts. We ensure, to the highest degree possible, that in the event of a loss, it will be resolved quickly with the buyer or through the policy.


Claims Support

We help our clients wade through the claims filing process, ensuring supporting documents are well prepared and deadlines are met. Once a claim payment is made, we continue to support our clients to ensure compliance with the obligations of the policy.


Counsel Support

We have over 20 years of experience working with both external and internal legal counsel to help our clients navigate legal hazards in foreign jurisdictions. We can assist our clients more fully understand the legal issues and environment of their buyer’s country and to choose the most favourable resolution process possible.


Recovery Support

Once the claim is paid, Jaimac will collaborate with the insurer’s claims department and legal counsel as required, to help maximize recoveries while minimizing the internal burden of loss mitigation. We will assist at all recovery stages – from debt confession and settlement agreements right through to active collection and litigation efforts.


Costs Control

Jaimac will also help assess external collection and legal fees to ensure recovery costs remain reasonable. We have extensive experience working with external litigation counsel and managing legal fees with insurers.






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